Monday, April 4, 2016

[Taiwan] Yong-Kang Beef Noodies 永康牛肉麵

If you google Yong-Kang beef noodles online, you will find many a lot of blog posts on this 53-year-old beef noodle place.

There are a lot of beef noodle places in Taiwan, and we have tried many of them personally. Never did we try beef noodles like this one from Yong-Kang. The meat size is big and the restaurant is so generous on the amount too. This led us to order another meat dish. The soup is just the right balance of spice. We love it and this is really a must go and must try place when you go to Taiwan!

I think words can never describe how good it is. The two yellow birdies will make this a must go place when we go to Taiwan!

 Half tendon and half meat beef noodles. So yummy!!

Two yellow birdies!!!